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Welcome to the Space Voyage Blog.  We will be adding pages regularly.  Students coming to summer camp can be authors of guest blogs.  It's easy and you'll be an Author.

  • 0 Doc's Edits REV-2 Fire Below

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    Here is R2 Edit Aug-20-2020

  • 0 CL AUGUST 9

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    CL AUGUST 9 Today, I wrote chapters 23 and 24. AKA the LAST CHAPTERS OF MY BOOK! I am very happy with my progress and excited to move on to the next step, which is editing. It took me about an hour to finish it and I am proud of my book. All I feel now is acomplished and happy. :)

  • 0 CL August 7

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    CL August 7 Today I simply wrote two chapters after my apprenticeship class. I have four chapters left that I will finish before the weekend is done! I'm so excited!

  • 0 CL August 8

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    CL August 8 Today I also wrote two chapters, leaving only a whopping two chapters left. I wrote the last chapter in one of my three subplots today, and it made me grasp the fact that I'm almost done. The three month journey is almost coming to an end, leaving only editing left after I finish writing "Fire Below" tomorrow. I am excited to see the finished product! 

  • 0 CL August 4

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    CL August 4 Today I wrote another 2 chapters. 1 of the chapters was humorous so that was very fun to write. I am now 3/4 the way done with my book, so that is exciting.

  • 0 CL August 3

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    CL August 3 Today I wrote two chapters. I am excited for writing tomorrow since the next chapter is humorous. I have devised a plan to finish my book by Friday.

  • 0 CL August 1

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    CL August 1 Today I wrote two chapters. I tried something new for each and I set a timer for 30 minutes as I was writing. This put pressure on finishing my work as I  wanted to finish each chapter before the timer wend off. I barely succeeded with that, so I did finish two chapters in the course of one hour.

  • 0 CL July 31

    • by Sara S. Gr 8
    • 7-31-2020
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    CL July 31 Today instead of writing three chapters, I only wrote one. However I am now halfway exactly, through the writing process, at chapter twelve.   From Dr. P  July 31, 2020 Great news Sara. Let me know how I can help. Looking forward to reading it. Best Regards, Doc

  • 0 JULY 27

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    JULY 27 Today I wrote 3 chapters. Chapters 6, 7, and 8 out of 24. I concocted a plan to write three chapters on certain days, which will have me finishing the writing portion of my book by next week.

  • 0 CL JULY 30

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    CL JULY 30 Today I wrote 3 chapters over 7 pages! It took me about 2 and 1/2 hours in all. I am now on chapter 11, which is 1 chapter away from being halfway! I am so excited! I am really enjoying writing though being almost at the halfway mark also makes me very proud. I plan on writing another 3 chapters tomorrow.   From Dr. P  July 31, 2020 Can't wait to see this and help your. /s/ Doc

  • 0 CL July 23

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    CL July 23 Today, after my webmasters class, I wrote the fifth chapter of my book and I plan on writing the sixth and seventh tomorrow.

  • 0 CL July 20

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     July 20 Today, after my "Web Masters" class, I worked for a about a half an hour on my novel. I added a better introduction that I will edit, along with the rest of the novel tomorrow.

  • 0 CL July 17

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    JULY 17 Today I wrote the 4th chapter of Fire Below. Later I made small grammar and plot edits and scheduled a zoom for tomorrow.

  • 0 CL July 18

    • by Sara S. Gr 8
    • 7-18-2020
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    JULY 18 Today I zoomed with Doc and Jay. We went over various editing and writing techniques I can use in my story and English, from now on. I am very excited for the writing and editing process because I know it will be a real challenge, but I am ready to take it on!

  • 0 CL July 16

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    JULY 16 Today I wrote the first three chapters of "Fire Below" in about 2 hours. i enjoyed writing the dialogue as it is very dramatic and fun. Tomorrow I will edit those chapters with the revisions given and write more.

  • 0 CL July 14

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    July 14 Today I had a meeting with Doc, finalizing my paperwork. From here I emailed final copies of my various pages of planning to him to be formatted to the blog. Next, I got my doc ready to start typing on. I will work on it on Thursday and write the first few chapters. I am excited that I can start putting my planing to use.

  • 0 Plot Narrations for Chapters (Rev 1)

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      July 13, 2020 Plot Narrations to help with Writing Chapters.  

  • 0 CL Monday July 13

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    July 13 After finalizing my plot narration sheets, I sent all twenty four pictures to Doc over SIX emails! I scheduled a zoom conference for tomorrow so I can double check the remainder of the paper work and start writing after two months of planning. I am very excited to pump out my novel and to finally have my characters and plot come to life.

  • 0 The Psychology of Space Exploration

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    This is a 2011 Manned Space Flight reference that discusses the psychological effects of Space Exploration.  267 pages, in pdf format This may be the best text of Space Psychology available. From NASA ebooks section Psychology of Space Exploration Edited by Douglas A. Vakoch Explore some of the contributions of psychology to the great space race, orbiter and International Space Station missions, and future space journeys. Credits: NASA   This e-book explores some of the contributions of psychology to yesterday's great space race, today's orbiter and International Space Station missions, and tomorrow's journeys beyond Earth's orbit. Early missions into space were typically brief, and crews were small, often drawn from a single nation. As an intensely competitive space race has given way to international cooperation over the decades, the challenges of communicating across cultural boundaries and dealing with interpersonal conflicts have become increasingly important, requiring different coping skills and sensibilities from "the right stuff" of early astronauts.

  • 0 Youzign Challenge

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      Study the patch art below, then create a "rough" or "rough draft" of a space patch.  Do not copy the ideas directly, but use them as inspiration. Use your screen snipping / screen capture tools to save the image to your local drive, then upload to add to your canvas as "the concept."    


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