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Welcome to the Space Voyage Blog.  We will be adding pages regularly.  Students coming to summer camp can be authors of guest blogs.  It's easy and you'll be an Author.

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    June 27, 2020 Visual Organizer of Sub-Plot Chapters Below are the visual organizer pages for the three sub-plots for Sara's Story "Fire Below." P1 = plot 1; p2 = plot 2; p3 = plot 3     Part 2/2  

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    I have created 8 characters to fit into my three different subplots. KEY: Subplot one; PURPLE Subplot two; DARK GREEN Subplot three; LIGHT GREEN CHARACTERS: Sandra Penn (Psychiatrist), Jessica Sundy (Chemist), Chelsea Dickinson (Chemist), John Carman (Physicist), Howard Gilbert (Aerospace Engineer), Steve Langston (SpaceCraft Communicator), Ruth Baxston (SpaceCraft Communicator) Robert Janus (Fight Director) Creating characters is fairly easy, for all you have to do is create a false education and degree and rate their characteristics on a scale from one to ten. Character Reference

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    Directions to Insert an image on a blog post. 1 - use shift key, add lines to find location. 2 - Click on image icon (square with mtn on it) 3 - Click on folder icon to right of input box. 4 - Click on "drop files"  file, 5 - Click on browse, then find file and open it 6 - Click on Return to files, then select that image, click on open 7 - Set width in pixels, and script will proportionately set height. Also set name of image for ALT and Title. Done.   below is L5 Req Sheet  

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    Starting Title- "Fire Below"   Story Concept- The story concept is "teamwork makes the dream work." Through teamwork, the characters all go from surviving to thriving.   Sub Plot 1-  2 scientists with a colored history are left alone to complete two R&D  projects, where they continuously argue.   Sub Plot 2- 2 astronauts get stranded in pods with no other extra pods to help them. They are left alone in space, waiting to be rescued   Sub Plot 3- Mission control back on Earth is left to solve the stranded pod criticality with a lack of ready-to-fly STS'.   From: Dr. P (June 26, 2020) Sara, here is the image at 850px or 8.5" wide

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    Sara, I have made several blog thumbnails for you to use when you create a blog. you can click on a link, then right click on the image and download it to your hard drive and use it in future blog posts.  The images below are 450 px wide, and the originals are 980 px wide. When you DL them then will be original size.  You can use them at 980px wide for future blog use. Note: 1" is roughly 100 px (pixels). So a 980px wide image is 9.8"           Let me know if you need help. Regards, Doc

  • 0 SpaceX launch of Dragon 9 May 30 2020

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    The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Crew Dragon spacecraft lifted off from launch complex 39A at the Kennedy Space Center. First manned launch of a commercial vehicle to the ISS (International Space Station). Count down begins ~ T-36. Video is a feed from SpaceX YT channel recorded live. Date: May 30, 2020.   [Credits to SpaceX] Thinking Like An Astronaut Activities: Q1: Why is this flight important? Q2: How is this launch similar to STS-25 (Challenger) and how is it different? Q3: Who are the two astronauts on this flight? How are they similar to the two astronauts that flew on STS-1 (Columbia maiden flight)? Q4: What data are viewable on the screen during the first ~ 5 minutes of the launch? Q5: How could this video be made better for the viewer for the next SpaceX launch? Q6: Where on the internet can we find a schedule for future SpaceX launches? (State URL) Can you find a website (URL) showing a schedule for all upcoming manned space flights? Q7: What surprised you most about the video, the actions by the crew, the communications or anything else? What is most memorable? What is considered a milestone (important historical event)? Now Test Your Pilot Skills: Check out the online SpaceX docking simulator at: Link (URL): 1: Explore the sim. 2: Read and memorize the controls, especially acceleration. 3: Record your results for each attempt, begin with attempts after you study the tutorial directions and instructions. 4: Why is this considered a simulation? 5: What would you suggest to make this more fun to do? 6: Do you think the SpaceX pilot should be allowed to let the computer auto dock? Or should be manual docking by a pilot? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Have fun!! Email Dr. Palmere your answers at: You can email him your questions too SpaceX Demo 2 May 30 2020 24m34s


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