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Boxoffice is coming! Boxoffice will allow you to register for summer camp, school seminars, one day meetups, online classes using Zoolm, After School STEAM Clubs, and, the online STEAM program called Project Voyager Webmasters (a webmaster academy and STEAM sport.


Space Voyage Summer Camp 2740
Space Voyage New BoxOffice Ticket and Registration System

BoxPOffice is in R&D...  
    Space Voyage will be using a new ticket, online registration and payment gateway called BoxOffice.
     Space Voyage offered online registration and payment in 2016, using custom software.  In 2019, Space Voyage included four registration and payment methods. They all worked but non had all the features that Space Voyage needed.
     We're currently working with a software developer to create an online registration and payment system that will be based on what we want and need.
     We want a software tool that will create a "Willy Wonka Golden Ticket" that students can bring with them to camp, or any program or event that Space Voyage offers.

[Right: A sample Summer Camp Ticket that BoxOffice generates and emails after payment.]

Space Voyage New BoxOffice Ticket and Registration System

     We expected to start this project and begin testing in 2021. But things are moving more quickly and Dr. Palmere has already received two walk throughs of the BoxOffice software tool.
     We want the tool to allow parents to easily register one or more children, for one or more weeks, with multiple discounts done by the software.  
     So watch for a release of our BoxOffice Registration and payment gateway.  And watch for upcoming events, online seminars, online programs, and school clubs that Space Voyage will be offering.
   In the meantime, please use the credit card payment and registration offered by Sawyer Tools.

[Left:  A second sample of a "Golden Ticket" to summer camp.]


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