We are updating our BoxOffice Registration and Payment system. Classes and activities are listed newest first. Now seach by category OR starting date. Coming soon... streamlined listings with full class and activity descriptions.

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     Welcome to Space Voyage BoxOffice. You can search through our online or virtual classe, then signup and pay your fees.
    You can scroll through all activities and classes (most recent start date first), by category or beginning date. Click on "Descriptions" to read more detailed information about a class or activity. While not all listings are offered in all weeks, you can search, review and select what fits best for you.
     We are adding classes all the time, so be sure to check back.

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Activities are listed ten per page with newest listed first. Many activities have a link to "more info" which will open a new browser window and show the full description of that activity or class. We are adding activities all the time, so please check back.

Currently, we are offering mostly week-long classes. We will be offering more classes and also single meeting events, and programs. Programs are club-like classes that meet across multiple weeks. If you have an idea or expertise to help with an activity (event, class or program), please contact Dr. Palmere. We are offering activities for students, ages 6-16, all summer and into the 2020-2021 school year.

We are adding a link to "Course Description" for each activity or class. This area will provide more complete information about each activity, including the full listing, information about the course director, pre-requisites, hardware requirements, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Click on Course Description and a new browser window will open with the information. Simply close this tab to return, or use your back key.

You can review "Activites" by scrolling through. You can also search on activities by "Category" and "Activity Start Date", using the pull down menus. Our activities are listed in the following categories: Art and The Web, Computer Simulations, Engineering, Learning Games, Visit with Doc, and Tech Camp.

Some activities allow you to join a class already in progress, by using the pull-down menu on the activity page. If available this is located just below the "Tickets Price" on the activity. In activities where you can join a class in progress, fees are prorated. While we do not offer a "drop in" feature for one day, we are offering a "join the class already in progress."  If offered, you can join these classes on day two or three of the activity week.

If you have questions or need help, please call us at 303-985-3143. Thank you.

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