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13th Jul, 2020
TO 15th Jul, 2020
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Surviving Mars: Introduction Part 1 Week 6

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Surviving Mars: Introduction - Part 1 Week 7
Class Date & Time: July 13-17, 2020; 10:00am to 11:30am.
Description: This class introduces the computer simulation, Surviving Mars to students.
This is a complex simulation in which students and start and manage a mars colony.

Audience: Students in grades 4 through 10.
Prerequisites: None.
Equipment Needed: Desktop or Laptop computer that meets hardware requirements below.
Course Director: Jay (Space Voyage Instructor)
This class introduces students to a Mars colonization simulation. In this computer based simulation, students start and manage their own Mars Colony. It is taught under the leadership and direction of a senior Space Voyage Instructor.
Surviving Mars: Introduction (L1-A) will repeat throughout the summer. Surviving Mars-Introduction (L1-A) is the prerequisite for Surviving Mars- Essentials (L1-B), and all levels beyond.
You must have the program on your computer (PC or MAC only) to participate. Register and we will provide you with the "Steam Key" for you to own a copy of this program ($29 value). The instructor will assist you in the first class meeting to download and install the program, you can do this on you own. Please check the PC hardware requirements below.
More About the Class:
The class will meet on a Zoom Meeting each day, and students will continue on their own at home. The instructor for this course is a certified Space Voyage Instructor who is an expert in the Surviving Mars sim and will help you learn about Mars colonies, using the program, and having fun.
With new knowledge and confidence, you can work on your Mars colony at home, then bring questions to the next class. You can continue with the software after the class is over, or come back and Level up to gain Mastery of the simulation.
Program Levels:
The Space Voyage Surviving Mars program offers four (4) levels of complexity and competence. Students can continue in additional levels of the class as they progress.
The four levels are:
Level 1: Exploration (Introduction Class L1-A, and Essentials Class L1-B)
Level 2: Mastery (Gaining Mastery L2-A) and, Demonstrating Mastery L2-B, and L2-C (if needed)
Level 3: Proficiency (L3-A Intermediate Skills, L3-B Gaining Proficiency, and L3-C Demonstrating Proficiency)
Level 4: Expert (L4-A Advanced Topics, L4-B Demonstrating Expertise)
Hardware Requirements:
Surviving Mars
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit or newer
Processor: 4th Gen Intel i3 CPU or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: HD 46600/Geforce 620/Radeon 6450 or equivalent GPUs with 1 GB of video RAM
Storage: 6 GB available space

Recommended Hardware Requirements
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit or newer
Processor: 5th Gen Intel i5 CPU or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce 750 Ti or equivalent with 4 GB of video RAM
Storage: 6 GB available space
Surviving Mars does not work on a Chrome Book.
Have questions? Please call Dr. Palmere at 303-985-3143 or Email us at:

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