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FAQ ... Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. I have a question, who can I call?
     Please call Dr. Palmere, the 2020 Camp Director at 303-985-3143.

Q2. What about lunch and snacks?
     Students need to bring a non-refrigerated lunch each day and can bring additional snacks to eat throughout the day. The program has many celebrations and edible lessons where we offer snacks and treats. If your child has an allergy, please let us know, and feel free to send your own substitutions. On Monday we have a Gold Fish Social, on Tuesday we make a Hot Dog Space Station, on Wednesday we have an Space Odyssey Ice Cream Cone event, on Thursday students bring their own food to build a small edible space station, on Friday we have a Pizza Party Lunch. All snacks and edibles are provided except Friday pizza. Students will order their pizza on on Friday morning when they arrive. We order Blackjack cheese and BlackJack Pepperoni Pizza, that is 8-cut. Two slices cost $3.50, three slides cost $4.50, four slices cost $5.50. Soda and bottled water at camp are fifty-cents. Students can purchase water or soda at every lunch, or bring their own water bottle. We also will have filtered water on hand to refill personal water bottles.

Q3. What if my child has allergies?
     Please let us know during registration, and on your Medical Form. If your child travels with an E. pen or medicine, please give this to Dr. Palmere upon arrival.”

Q4. What are the program hours? Can you tell me about the program week?
      All camp sessions are five days, Monday through Friday. We start at 8 am and end at 3:00 pm.
Students can arrive starting at 7:30 am, and we offer free after care until 3:30 pm. Students must be picked up by 3:30 pm.

Q5. What is the Registration Process?
     Discuss camp with family and friends and then select the week or weeks to attend. After you’ve selected the weeks, either print the Registration Form (page 3 of brochure), fill out registration form and mail it in with your payment, or, register online through the website. If mailing in your registration, please send payment to: Space Voyage, 1504 South Johnson Court Lakewood, CO 80232. Upon receipt, we’ll mail you a letter of confirmation, receipt, invoice (if applicable), medical form and liability waiver. Please complete and mail back the completed forms.

Q6.  Where is this Summer Camp?  Do you have a map?
     Space Voyage Summer Camp is located at Summit Ridge Middle School 11809 W Coal Mine Ave. Littleton, CO 80127. Driving directions and maps are available on our website in the summer camp section. A Google map is available in the top menu.

Q7. Does Space Voyage offer transportation?
     Transportation to and from each program location is a guardian responsibility.
A car pool list will be prepared and emailed to parents requesting carpool information on your registration. Only parents requesting car pool information is shared. We only share parent first name, phone number and zipcode. Send a note to Dr. Palmere to get on the list; or, if registering by mail, be sure to mark the box on the registration form.

Q8.  What is included with the cap fees?
     All students will receive a T-shirt, a program notebook, and use of art supplies and other consumables during camp. Each student receives a personalized notebook cover displaying their own Crew Mission Patch. Students can purchase a Crew Mission Wall Art Patch for $12 at camp, suitable for display at home. All treats, edibles, paper models, and building materials used at camp are included in the fee for camp.

Q9.  What is the size of the group and crew size?
    Students work in learning teams, called ‘crews’, while at camp. Crew size is generally four, but can range from one to six. While students work primarily with their Crew during the program day, they can work/play with anyone in the pavilion, especially during ‘play-hard’.

Q10. Do students go outside?
     We do go outside for certain activities.  We coordinate outside activities with such things as fire-alarm-tests going on in the school during the summer.  We do not go outside if it is raining, or high winds or lightning.  Students can bring a cap for use outside.

Q11. What is your Refund Policy?
     Full refunds, less a $40 administrative fee, are available if requested before March 31, 2020. Partial or half refunds, less a $50 administrative fee, are offered until May 15, 2020. No refunds after May 16, 2020. Returned check fee is $30. Replacement receipts are free and we can email you a .pdf as needed. All fees should be paid-in-full three weeks prior to start of your camp week.

Q12. Can you help with Child Carer Tax Credit?
     Yes. Send your form, with instructions on what you need signed, and when your child attended, along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Space Voyage, and we will get it back in the mail the same day. Scanned documents without instructions can take a lot longer. You are welcome to have Dr. Palmere sign your form during your camp week(s).

Q13. How are the students grouped?
     Crews are formed based on program level, age and conceptual level. Students
attending with friends can be placed on the same crew.     

Q14. Can a student complete a Level in one week? Or more than one Level in a week?
     All Pathfinder levels and Cadets in Level 1 and Level 2, are designed to be completed in one week.
     Astronaut Cadet Levels 3, and above take longer since more time is needed to achieve. Cadets can continue in their Level from one camp week to another and from this summer to next summer. Leadership internships can last one or more weeks.
Inspired and motivated students sometimes complete Cadet Level 1 and Level 2 in one week. You and your crew work at the pace you choose.  

Q15. Does Space Voyage offer Scholarships?
     No. Scholarship money may be available from your school, PTOs and school PTSAs. Businesses interested in sponsoring students should call or email Dr. Palmere. Each sponsoring business or group can be listed on our website sponsors page, with a sponsor sign prominently displayed for that week. 

Q16. How does each day break down?
     Students may arrive between 7:30 am and 8:00 am, but the Morning Briefing starts promptly at 8:00 am. Morning program runs 8:00 am until lunch, which is generally around 11:30am unless the students and staff prefer otherwise. Afternoon program runs from after lunch until 3:00 pm. Students are encouraged to enjoy ‘play-hard’ until 3:30 pm, as this time allows students to have fun together and decompress after a productive day. After hours care lasts until 3:30pm. Students must be picked up by 3:30 pm sharp.

Q17. Does Space Voyage offer any activites during the school year?
     Yes.  We're partnering up with the Colorado Rocketry Association of Space Hobbyists to launch recreational model rockets, like Estes brand, on the first Sunday (12pm to 2pm) and the third Saturday (10am to noon) of each month.  This event occurs at Bear Creak Lake Park in Lakewood, CO  (C-470 and Morrison Road).  Contact Dr. Palmere if you are interested; he has about 40 already made model rockets that you can use.  Doc also has some kits that you can use to build your own, a great field tool box and all the support to help you have fun.  Additionally BSA Boy Scouts interested in earning Space Exploration Merit badge can do so during these times. Dr. Palmere is an Eagle Scout and approved Merit Badge counselor, so you're all set.

Q18. Can you give us some brochures to share at our school?
    Yes. Call Dr. Palmere and he will print brochures or flyers for you. You can also get information about our camp on your school website. You can write a blurb or we can supply one. Our web address is Please share information with friends and family.


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