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Project Voyager: Webmasters

Motto:  Be Creative. Collaborate. Have Fun.

Goal: One million students become webmasters.

Problem: Becoming a webmaster is confusing and out of  
the reach of students.

Value Proposition:  Space Voyage will help students learn how to  become webmasters using innovative tools, online training, certifications and contests. 

Positioning: Project Voyager - WebMasters is the only  
webmaster academy program that is focused on
helping students become webmasters; Creating websites that are high-performing, functional and beautiful.

Vision: To inspire, motivate and empower one million students
to become webmasters and create awesome websites.

Mission: pvWebMasters was founded with a single
objective, to empower students to become webmasters and create awesome websites.

Guiding Principles:

Be Creative. Collaborate. Have Fun.
Andragogy vs Pedagogy.
Co-figurative learning.
Projects based learning.
Learning at light speed.
Live project demonstrations.
Deep dives in what, how and why.
Do what you are good at.
Find a mentor to help you.
Use strenghts to overcome weaknesses.
Be an Edisonian Empiricist.
Start with the end in mind.
I reserve the right to change my mind.

Brand Affirmations:
Make Grandma proud. (Rule #1)
Never share credentials. (Rule #2)
Woodie Flowers Lives.
Mistakes happen, keep inproving.
Always be knolling.
Begin with the end in mind.
Eyes on the prize.
Not Yet.
$recno=    (Persevere. Never quit.)
Wrestle the alligator .
Avoid rabbit holes
Eat, sleep, build.
Be an Edisonain Empiricist.
Simple makes awesome easy.
Cool collaboration. 
Work hard. play hard.
Do the right thing.

More About Project Voyager: WebMasters
From the Desk of Dr. Palmere, Founder of the Project Voyager: WebMasters program

     The WebMasters program is a school based STEAM club that allows students to learn about web technology, build websites and gain knowledge, skill and confidence in becoming a websmith. Teams can participate to help build a website for their organization, become proficient in all things WebMasters and even compete in a new STEAMSport: "WebMasters." Some WebMaster teams exist within another club, such as The Hive 2495. Other groups form a separate WebMasters STEAM Club. Either type of team can learn about web sites, and benefit by building real-world and high-performing websites, Some teams will choose to work through the competency levels of Webmasters then form Crews of 2-5 to compete in our new STEAMSport type of competition called PVwebMasters (i.e.,Project Voyager: WebMasters). In this STEAMSport competition, crews are given a website challenge that includes a fuzzy-problem, set of parameters, a website kit of assets and a time frame to turn in assignments and completion. In our new STEAMSport type competition, teams and crews compete against standards of excellence, and not just each other. First things first, so lets learn how to design, build, deploy, test and refine websites as a team and have fun doing it.

     Evaluation of PV webMasters competitions or contests is based the final product, and the evaluation of the milestone benchmarks throughout the competition that are both product and process. The WebMasters program and this new sports based competition focus on: collaboration, teamwork, problem solving, resiliency, technical skills and the graphic arts. Like all Space Voyage programs, the WebMasters project is a STEM based program that celebrates "The Arts." So yes, it is a STEAM program.

     Before you can compete, first you have to learn how to create a high-performing website, how to collaborate, persevere and become a strong team. Hamilton West Robotics is a pilot team in the WebMasters program. Everyone on the team can be involved, but to eventually participate in an sports like competition, you'll need to sign up as a Crew (2-5 students). Teams can have multiple crews competing. As part of the program, you'll learn the web competencies, and begin learning about "the universe of web development and the Internet."

     You do not have to participate in any competitions or contests. You can use the WebMasters program to simply help build a great web site for your team.

                                                                                          Be Creative. Collaborate. Learn. Have Fun.  

     Project Voyager Webmasters is an online webmaster training and certification program. Our goal is to empower students to build one million web sites. The program is competency based and student work at their own pace.
Crews of two to four work as a learning team to become webmasters. in some cases crews might be a solo student or an entire class.

     Crews work through a carefully designed online course to learn about: web design and graphics, site creation, administering their website, and optimizing their site for Google Search Engine Optinization (SEO).

     Instruction includes online videos, podcasts and Zoom video conferences. Students are invited to challenges and contests which make learning fun and authentic.

     With knowledge, skills and confidence gained, students will bea abale to build their own web sites and even consider a college major in technology and a career in web development.
Interested? Contact Dr. Palmere using email or the website contact form. (dr-palmere@spacevoyage.com)


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