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Demo Days - Space Voyage Rocket Demo

     Above is a short movie of a multiple rocket launch at last summers Space Voyage Summer Camp. In this movie, stdents work in teams and interact with the Flight Director (Joanne in Black Polo in center).
    At Spacce Voyage Summer Camp we launch rockets every day. After learning how the rocket launch procedures, student work in small groups to prepare and launch the rockets. The challenge is to see how many rockets can be launched at the same time, meaning launch trails with rockets launching appear in a single photograph of the launch event.
     At camp we call this a "Synchronous Launch."  Synchronous means at the same time. In the movie, there are fix rockets and five are in a photo of launch. To be considered "synchronous" the rocket stream from the rocket has to appear in the photo with other rockets launching.  
     To promote camp, Dr. Palmere is offering 60-90 minute "ultimate field trips" where he brings the rockets and supplies to your school for a short talk and rocket launch demo.  The rockets used are ~nine foot tall, and use compressed air to push water through a nozzle -- so only air and water make the thrust.  
     Parents and teachers wanting to schedule a demo should contact Dr. palmere @ 303-985-3143; Or, eail Doc at
     Demo Days consists of Dr. Palmere introducing students to simple rocketry prnciples, and communication terminology used during a launch, and a demonstration launch of one and then two 9 ft. air-water rockets used at Space Voyage Summer Camp.  Camp flyers are shared with students.  
     Cost: FREE (all supplies are brought by Space Voyage)


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