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     Anouncing upcoming Online Activites and Online Classes...                                    

     Our online classes and virtual programs are beginning now.   Did you enroll for camp for this summer?  If yes, then join Dr. Palmere in his "pilot week" of Space Voyage - Virtual Space Camp, June 1-5, M-F, 10:am to 11:15am.  This is the first run through our virtual camp, and it's FREE to any student currently enrolled in any week of the summer of 2020.

     Starting June 8th, we will have a seven weeks of camp, running the second week of June through all weeks of July.  Pathfinders and Cadets can come for one or more weeks.  Cost is $129 per week.  Each camp week will be five days, and will include a zoom meeting with Dr. Palmere, followed by specifics activites, and hands-on things to do at home.  Specifically, the class will meet online for 1hr, 15min, and an additional 2+ hours of activity will be able to be done at home. All activities will be STEAM based and will focus on "thinking like an Astronaut."   Each day will offer a Zoom Meeting with Dr. Palmere and your class. This zoom will be used to connect socially, do short mini-leactures on space topics, then expain what activity is coming up and how to do it.  Each following day will allow sharing of our successes and what's next.

     Topics of the the Space Voyage Virtual Space Camp will follow the format at camp as much as possible; less talking and more doing.  Students will be allowed to continue activities of interest after the camp week is over. 

     We will meet up at 10:00 am each day.  We will email you the link and password.  Our Zoom meetings are very secure and Dr. Palmere been the leader of  more than 200 Zoom meetings.

     If you are currently enrolled for Space Camp for the this summer, then this first week is free, and you can sign up for another camp, and other stand-alone online classes that we are offering.  Doc will share some more information in the free 'pilot' class  running June 1-5 from 10:00am to 11:15 am. 

     Dr. Palmere will also have "office hours" for students wishing to check in, or need help; And, we may have a zoom-lunch to meetup and have fun during our lunch period.

     In addition to Virtual Space Camp we will be offering one and two week classes that will be fun, and allow for a great summer of learning.

Here are a list of Proposed Online Classes.

[Note each classes meets for 1hr 15 min online, then offers 2+ hours of activity each day, to at home.  All classes meet M-F, for five days in a row, unless stated as a two week class which meets for ten days]

Week Long Classes:

Art in Space: Apollo 11

Sidewalk Art

3D Engineering - Inflatables

Learning Games From Space (invention of a game)

Space Artist: Creating Computer Graphics from A to Z

Space City / Water Bottle Space Stations

Mars Survival (computer simulation)

Planetbase (computer simulation)

Project Voyager Webmasters (two week program to become a webmaster) [This is a two week class.]

Cooking Like a Scientist (the science of cooking peanut brittle, the perfect egg, and perfect-perfect pancakes)

(coming soon,  Click here for a message from Dr. Palmere)

Need help?  Have questions, please email Dr. Palmere at dr-palmere@spacevoyage.com   Thank you.

P.S. Please ignore an information on our website about camp meeting at Summit Ridge. All face-to-face activities have been banned until further notice.

Space Voyage Space Camp 2020

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     Summer 2020 marks our 30th anniversary of Space Voyage. Space Voyage is a STEM program that celebrates "The Arts." Students ages 6 to 16 are immersed in 'thinking like an Astronaut' as they work hard and then play hard in our programs. Dr. Palmere, the program founder, continues to find new technologies, new resources and new edible lessons to keep the program as fresh and fun today as it was in 1987.
     Space Voyage is reported to be the best time of the summer by many of those attending. So read the brochure and follow the links on our website to learn about this full-day, hands-on, minds on camp. Pathfinders ages 6-8, Cadets ages 9-16, and Interns ages 16+. Space Voyage continues to be dedicated to the idea of: "Preparing tomorrow's scientists today." 
     In addtion to our summer Space Voyage Space Camp, we're rolling our other programs. These include:  Demo Days, Rocket Kids, pv WebMasters, and STEAMsports. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.  
     Space Voyage Demo Days offers a 90 minute Rocketry Demonstration at local schools. The schedule is limited so sign up soon. Link to Demo Days


"It was the greatest week of my summer!  For five years in a row! "  from Cody K., Cadet

Space Voyage is offering seven weeks of Space Adventure Camps.
Join us and "Think like an astronaut" at our week-long STEM / STEAM day camp for kids ages 6 to 16.  America's best space camp... Creating the next generation of high-performers.

All programs are offered during all weeks.
Each week is five full days, running Monday through Friday. Come for one or more weeks.

Description of Space Voyage Space Camp

      Space Voyage Summer Space Camp: Our space simulation day camp inspires students to "think like an astronaut." Three programs are offered: Pathfinders ages 6-8, Cadets ages 9-16, Interns ages 15+. The summer of 2020 is the 30th consecutive summer of Space Voyage Academy or Summer Camp.

     Space Voyage offers a fun, immersive experience in a safe environment... where kids learn and can make new friends. At Space Voyage, we work with the individual learning styles of each student. Discounts are available for early registration, multiple weeks and siblings attending. Space Voyage is a STEM program that celebrates the Arts, what we call a STEAM program (science, technology, engineering, art, math). 


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