About the 2019 Crew Mission Patches 

     At Space Voyage Summer Camp, students are grouped together in learning teams called crews. On the first morning of camp, the Flight Director talks about the history of American manned space flight and how every crew has had a unique Crew Mission Patch to build team spirit during training and to commemorate their mission. At camp, students are grouped into crews based on program, age, and self-selection. Each crew is then invited to design their own unique crew mission patch. Students can use art in their notebooks and their imagination, and under the guidance of the Flight Director and instructors, they create then finalize a "rough draft" or "rough" of their patch. Dr. Palmere uses this "rough" to create a professional grade rendering of the patch. The first draft is presented to each crew and revisions are made until every crew member is satisfied. The final version is printed on color photo paper and becomes the new notebook cover. Larger versions of the same patch art are produced for the Wall of Honor and are used at the Medals Ceremony on Friday of each week. Sometimes, Crew Mission Patches are made into posters for chair art, puzzles, or bookmarks for the students to use after camp. There is a photo of a cadet with chair art of her crew mission patch on page 2 of this summer's camp brochure.

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