Process for Pathfinder Crew Mission Patches 

The Process. . .     
     On Monday morning of each camp week, each Pathfinder will create his or her own rough draft of their Crew Mission Patch. Pathfinders can use art in their notebooks, and draw other ideas using their imagination. The Flight Director helps each crew find a patch background, and guides the group in the collaboration process. Senior staff bring each pathfinder group together to review art and determine "key" items from each Pathfinder to include on the final version.
     The first draft of the professional version is produced and reviewed by the team as a group, making sure every member of the team is happy with the final product. The "final" version is then printed on photo paper for each Pathfinder on the crew. This art becomes the new Space Voyage Notebook cover, with the original moved to the back of the notebook.
     A larger version of the Crew Mission Patch is created (10.5" x 10.5") for use on The Wall of Honor, which is used during the Friday Medals Ceremony held each week. Pathfinders can purchase a Wall Art version of their patch, which is presented on a foam display board to be displayed on the Pathfinders' bedroom wall. Displaying Crew Mission Patches is a great conversation piece for friends as well as aunts, uncles, and grandparents.” 

Below Examples of Crew Mission Patches...  and The process

Examples of Rough Drafts, then Final Version
Cadets and Interns collaborate on their rough draft or "rough" which is used to make the "final" version by Staff.


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