Process for Cadet Crew Mission Patches 

The Process . . . 
Each crew of Cadets collaborates and works together to create one "rough" draft of their Crew Mission Patch. Cadets can use art in their notebooks, and draw other ideas using their imagination. Crews will look through the Background Reference of Space Art together and collectively select a suitable background. Cadet crews will work with a Space Voyage Instructor to complete their "rough" draft, then the Flight Director will initial and approve the final concept before it goes to Doc.
A first draft of the professional version is produced and reviewed by the crew as a group. Each Cadet Crew interacts with the artist to make changes and adjustments. After several edits, the crew approves the "final" version. The "final" version is then printed on photo paper for each Cadet crew member. This art becomes the new Space Voyage Notebook cover, with the original moved to the back of the notebook.
A larger version of the Crew Mission Patch is created (10.5" x 10.5") for use on The Wall of Honor, which is used during the Friday Medals Ceremony held each week. Cadets can purchase a Wall Art version of their Crew Mission Patch, which is presented on a foam display board to be displayed on the Cadets bedroom wall. Displaying Crew Mission Patches is a great conversation piece for friends as well as aunts, uncles and grandparents. “

Below are samples of Crew Mission PAtches in the "rough" and as "final" versions.


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