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Kids Want to Return All The Time

You are welcome to return for another week!

     While most academic camps start to run-out-of-steam around Wednesday, kids at Space Voyage are often heard talking at lunch about returning. A common theme is first time students asking older students: "How do I change my summer to come back here this summer?" That may be the greatest compliment any camp kids attend... They want to come back.
     When you have decided you want to add an additional week of camp, simply stop by before or after camp and talk with Dr. Palmere. We welcome returning students.
     One of the most difficult things to explain to new parents is the Space Voyage culture and how students are "fully engaged for the entire day." Students are engaged, achieving, happy and making big strides in their learning, self confidence and positive habits. The program is designed to get kids to "tune in" and "turn on" to learning.
   If you have questions or need help planning, call Dr. Palmere at 303-985-3143.

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